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Choo Yilin

choo yilin | choo yilin

Yilin, an artisan and designer of high-end jewelry, is a woman with a mission that mirrors that of Les Amis: the fusion of luxury and sustainability. A desire to do well, and do good. The mindset that one can coexist with, and complement, the other. Les Amis is proud to feature her one-of-a-kind, environmentally-conscious creations. Born and raised in Singapore, and now based in Thailand, Yilin is the creative brain and muscle behind Choo Yilin Artisan Jewelry. Her company uses eco-friendly reclaimed precious metals, and researches and develops other ways to ‘green’ the supply chain. Her organic and asymmetrical designs, with natural gemstones and textured metals, speak to the woman who is at once stylish and simple, chic and refined. Yilin partners with nonprofit groups like the World Wildlife Fund. She communicates their causes, such as forest and marine conservation, via her jewelry design. Each piece is designed to tell stories of conservation, and start conversations.



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