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Carrie K.

carrie k. | carolyn kan

Unafraid, adventurous, and elegantly playful. That’s the Carrie K woman. Her designs – from sterling silver earrings to charmed collectibles – evoke a joie de vivre that celebrates the imperfections in   life, because that’s what makes each of us unique and interesting, just like each piece of jewelry.  Carolyn, a Singapore-based artisan and founder/CEO of Carrie K, is a former ad exec with a  passion for jewelry, design, travel, good food, and great wine. She is well-regarded for her contemporary creations that are handcrafted the old way – with immeasurable time and care. She draws her inspiration from nature, everyday experiences, and what people have to say.  Her designs have a raw edge, an unconventional sense of beauty, an elegant playfulness. They celebrate honesty, imperfection, and the flaws in each of us.

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