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‘Shop Here, Give There.’ Our idea is precious and timeless, like our products. We are committed to helping wearers of our global fashion jewelry and accessories feel beautiful, inside and out. Buyers of our products aren’t just beautiful women with eye-catching jewelry and accessories; they are people who want to give back and change the world.

How do we help them? By making a commitment to responsible luxury.

It's a do-good catchphrase these days: ‘Social Responsibility.’ At Les Amis, we are taking our commitment to do good, and be socially responsible, a step further...

Les Amis is proud to sign on The Global Fund for Children as our strategic partner. We will donate 10% of our net profits to this incredible organization, which provides capital for innovative community-based initiatives to help the most vulnerable children and youth around the world.

“Les Amis” means “friends” in French. It’s also a big part of our founders’ names: Ami and Amisha, who bring to Les Amis their professional backgrounds in retail, technology, and philanthropy, their passion for beautiful and unique design, and their humble desire to make a difference.

The spirit of friendship is the centerpiece of our business.

Each of our products tells a story, spreads a message, and stands on its own as a beautiful piece crafted by a special artisan. Each of our products is a unique piece of the world. All of our products – from our dazzling jewelry, statement necklaces and shimmering earrings to our charming accessories -- help people do good and live beautifully.

We hope you are inspired and become a part of Our Story.

Shop Here. Give There.